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Write emails & messages, fix grammar mistakes, rephrase text, change writing tone, summarize text, and much more using ChatGPT AI. Works on all sites. Free to use.
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700,000+ happy users who don't like writing emails :-)
Highest quality responses that outcompete all other AI tools in the market
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Works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge
Works on all sites. Works even better on Gmail
Use with confidence. Your data is not stored on our servers.

Product Demonstration

In the below video, ChatGPT Writer generated whole email draft to respond to a recruiter. (click to play)

How to generate responses

Enter your command in the ChatGPT Writer command input field to generate the response. A command can be any instruction like:
  • write an email about any open position in marketing team
  • write email about salary negotiation
chatgpt writer

Write command in any language 🇵🇹🇫🇷🇪🇸🇰🇷🇨🇳🇷🇺🇩🇪🌎

You can write commands in any language. Command examples:
  • Écrivez une réponse disant que je suis intéressé par cette opportunité d'emploi
  • Escriba una respuesta diciendo que estoy interesado/a en esta oportunidad laboral

4 ways to launch ChatGPT Writer

Select text to open ChatGPT Writer

Press and hold the Control key, then highlight text on any website to quickly open ChatGPT Writer.chatgpt writer
Popup settingsOption to hide the popup on select websites.
Option to change default Control hotkey.

Via keyboard shortcut

Set a keyboard shortcut of your choice to launch ChatGPT Writer. See how to set keyboard shortcut.

From Gmail reply toolbar

If you're on Gmail, click ChatGPT Writer logo from the Gmail reply toolbar. Here, the previous email will be added to the Command context so that you can write the command to generate a reply.chatgpt writer

From the extension icon

Click on the ChatGPT Writer extension icon from your browser's extensions toolbar.chatgpt writer

Use cases

You can write commands for anything but here are some popular ways

Generate reply to an email or message

Make sure to paste the email or message in Context to generate a reply.
command examples:
  • write reply that i'm interested in this job opportunity, ask about compensation and remote work option
  • write a reply to this email about salary negotiation
Change tone
you can mention reply tone like professional, casual, friendly, straightforward, confident, etc.
Command example:
tone should be casual
Mention length
Command example:
keep the length short
Change response language
Command example:
generate reply in french language
Full command example:
write reply about salary negotiation. tone should be confident. keep the length short. generate response in french language

Fix grammar and spelling mistakes

Command example:
fix any grammar and spelling mistakes

Rephrase text

Command examples:
  • rephrase it in professional tone
  • make it longer

Summarize text

Command example:
summarize it in simple words

Translate text

Command example:
translate to english language

Ask questions and more

You can ask anything:
  • explain quantum computing like i'm 5 yrs old
  • write a rap song about cute panda in Eminem's style
  • generate a 200 words essay about impact of AI on conventional businesses
The possibilities are endless!

Frequently asked questions

Which all websites does it support?It works on all sites. Just click the extension icon to open popup window.
If you are on Gmail, launch the extension from the icon in Gmail text editor to get even better user experience.
Which data is shared with the AI model?When writing a new email, the data sent is the user prompt. When replying to an email, the data sent is the previous email text content (which can be edited to remove sensitive information) and the user prompt.
Which all languages does it support?All popular languages. Just mention the language in the text prompt. For example: "Write an email in German language about internship opportunity."


Your emails or any other messages are not saved on our servers. Context of email or message is solely used for the purpose of generating the response and nothing else. Furthermore, we value your privacy and refrain from using any third-party cookies, trackers, etc. To ensure the protection of your data, we use industry-standard encryption and security measures.