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Free Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages using ChatGPT AI. All sites are supported and enhanced support for Gmail.
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300,000+ happy users who don't like writing emails :-)
Highest quality responses that outcompete all other tools in the market
Works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge
Works on all sites. Works even better on Gmail
All languages are supported

Product Demonstration

In the below video, I generated an entire email using ChatGPT Writer to respond to a recruiter.

How to use on all sites

  • Install ChatGPT Writer extension.
  • Click on the extension icon.launch extension from any site
  • A popup window will appear:chatgpt writer generate responses
  • Briefly enter what do you want to write about and hit Generate Response button.
    (If this is your first time, you need to create a free account on

See how to set keyboard shortcut to launch extension

  • Go to extensions keyboard shortcuts pagego to extensions shortcuts
  • Set keyboard shortcut for ChatGPT WriterSet keyboard shortcut for ChatGPT Writer

Enhanced support on Gmail

ChatGPT Writer extension is tightly integrated with Gmail for even better user experience.

How to generate email reply on Gmail:

  • Go to Gmail, open an email, and reply to it.
  • Click the ChatGPT Writer extension button in the Gmail reply box. launch chatgpt writer button from gmail
  • Briefly enter what you want to reply to and hit Generate reply button.
    (If this is your first time, you need to create a free account on composer
  • Personalized email reply will be generated using AI.
    reply generated insert reply
  • Hit the Insert generated reply button to insert it in Gmail's text box. Picture of the author


👋 Provide feedback, ask questions, and report bugs on Github.

Troubleshoot issues

How to make it work on Brave browser

If you are using Brave browser, follow these steps to make it work:

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?Yes
What is ChatGPT?Chat GPT is a computer program that can understand and generate natural language text. It uses a neural network, a type of machine learning model, to generate text based on the patterns it has learned from the large amount of text data it was trained on. This allows it to respond to prompts and generate text in a way that resembles human writing.
Which all websites does it support?It works on all sites. Just click the extension icon to open popup window.
If you are on Gmail, launch the extension from the icon in Gmail text editor to get even better user experience.
Which data is shared with the AI model?When writing a new email, the data sent is the user prompt. When replying to an email, the data sent is the previous email text content (which can be edited to remove sensitive information) and the user prompt.
Which all languages does it support?All popular languages. Just mention the language in the text prompt. For example: "Write an email in German language about internship opportunity."


Your emails or any other messages are not saved on our servers. Context of email or message is solely used for the purpose of generating the response and nothing else. Furthermore, we value your privacy and refrain from using any third-party cookies, trackers, etc.

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